**Book Review** – The Tattooed Lady – A History by Amelia K. Osterud

This isn’t the first time that I’ve read The Tattooed Lady – A History, and it probably won’t be the last either.  I think that it is safe to say that this book has become a bit of a bible for me.  The reason why this book has particular sentimental value for me is simple, it was the first book on tattoo history that I had ever owned.

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A fun guide to being tattooed

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on here and that’s only because I have been insanely busy writing for other people.  So, to break my Tattooed Lady hiatus, I thought I would tackle something light and fluffy – being tattooed 101.  This is great for your non-tattooed friends to get insight into what life with tattoos is like!  Continue reading

Freelancing for Dummies for the Nine to Fivers

When I made the decision to leave the corporate world in favour of being a freelance writer a few months back, I thought that it would be a blast.  Yeah, I did my research and had been freelancing part time before taking the plunge, so I thought that it would be great!  I could not have been more mistaken.  Anyone who is funemployed will understand the trials and challenges that we face on a daily basis.  The biggest challenge is that no one else really knows what these challenges are.  So you end up being hurled with a barrage of requests and statements that leave you speechless.  Well, they left me a bit gobsmacked to say the least.  If you are considering the wonderful world of being your own boss, maybe you should take a look at what this dummy has learned thus far.

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What You Should Know About Scarification

A few weeks back, I posted a picture on my Facebook page of a stunning, healed scarification piece. I’ll admit that I don’t even know if that is the correct term for the final result and as a slave to all that is information, I needed to know more! I was contacted by a local boy, Conrad Feldman; a Body Modification artist from JHB. He gave me the need to know details on this mysterious art form.

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The Rise and Rise of the Tattoo-A-Thon for CHOC

With the high paced life that we all endure on a daily basis, it is no surprise that the rate of cancer is on the rise.   While no form of cancer is acceptable, it is easy to overlook that the littlest people get struck with this disease as well.   I am all about making sure that I do the proper research needed before I put my words out there, and I had the same principle when I decided to do a write-up on the 2014 Tattoo-A-Thon for CHOC – what I discovered was terrifying.

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Why Reality TV is Really Bad for Business

The big shots in Hollywood are quickly running out of ideas when it comes to television.  Just take a look at any TV guide and you will see a barrage of reality television shows that border on plain ridiculous, yet the demand for these shows is clearly on the rise and new versions keep being produced.  Creating household names out of crass individuals whose bad behaviour encourages the masses to tease their hair and promote how amazing being promiscuous is.

This happened to Tattooing as well.
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