Princess Beatrice ~ The Tattooed Beauty

I covered the story of Professor JT Clark – the tattoo artist who called South Africa home for a decade – a few weeks back; and touched on his love connection to what I could consider South Africa’s own Tattooed Lady, albeit it solely by residence.  I knew that I would be covering her life story long before I discovered that it was closer to home than I expected; so now I do it with a sense of pride and extra care to bring you the story of Princess Beatrice.

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A Day in the Life of Janine Kitty Bee ~ Black Heart Parlour Master Mind

I am extremely blessed to be able to get to know so many of South Africa’s darlings and learning more about what makes them tick.  It has taken a little bit longer than anticipated to continue with my Day in the Life of segments, but after learning a little bit about Janine Kitty Bee, I’m sure you can forgive my tardiness.  Remember that if you have an outstanding South African Beauty that you think needs time in the spotlight, please contact me and I’ll do the rest!

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Be Responsible

I don’t know how often I hear the words; The tattoo artist didn’t do a good job with my tattoo.  In some cases that may be true, but the surprising amount of times it’s actually the fault of the client will surprise you.  Here is something that you may or may not be aware of but when you choose to enter into any activity, you need to bear some of the responsibility thereof.

I do not deny the fact that I am quite opinionated when it comes to the industry and those who are a part of it; but I justify that by my unwavering devotion and passion to all that it entails.  It is for this reason that I become a bit of a Momma Bear when people feel the need to slander it however they choose to.   Continue reading

Jacobus van Dyn ~ The South African Scandal

It does take a particular type of person to be considered the Worlds Worst Man by your Tattoo Artist, even more so if that artists can include the term My most plucky client in the same sentence.  This is how George Burchett described South African born, tattooed oddity; Jacobus van Dyn.

Perhaps it was done purposefully by van Dyn, because very little is known about his salacious life other than the devilish snippets of his own design.  All that was needed to pique my curiosity was seeing Tattooed and South African in the same sentence and this is what that curiosity managed to dig up about our own historical tattooed celebrity.

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Tattooed Man Legacy ~ South African Roots

This evening, while reading through my new copy of Bodies of Subversion by Margot Mifflin, I had no idea that it would send me a wild goose chase online.  A single sentence about Tattooed Lady Princess Beatrice stood out for me; she met South African Tattoo Artist; John Clark… 

I couldn’t read another line after that; my curiosity was piqued beyond concentrating on the rest of the Tattooed Ladies and has led me here, trawling the internet for more information with the excitement and curiosity of a child before Christmas.

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What to remember when getting tattooed ~ Part 1

The anxiety and excitement experienced when getting tattooed can be compared to being on a roller coaster, your body produced a similar level of adrenalin.  Palms start to sweat, your heart rate elevates and judgement gets clouded; and that’s okay – getting tattooed can be quite intimidating.

Being prepared and planning your tattoo day is so important to help you enjoy the best experience possible; and quite frankly, it makes the artists job a bit easier as well.  Here are a few things to remember for the next time you go under the needle.

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