My Southern Ink Xposure Weekend

I’d been talking about it for a while now, so if you missed that I was excited about the 6th annual Southern Ink Xposure in Cape Town, South Africa; then you must be new to the internet (or my page).  Much like an artist, the mind of a writer is always working out the openings to essays, blog posts and the like; and I found that this weekend was a plethora of opening lines for me.  Needless to say, neither of those have made it to this post!

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The First Timers Guide to Conventions

I’ve noticed so many people mentioning that this year will be the first year that they attend the Southern Ink Xposure in Cape Town. That got me thinking that it can be a little bit scary for first timers to delve into the unknown; and I figured that a really great way to ease the fear would be a few pointers that I take with me whenever I am in a new situation.

I will be at SIX this year; and to say that I am excited is an understatement.  As a proper Jozi dwelling, land lubber; the lure of the ocean and tattooed patrons is too much for my little heart to handle and believe it or not; this will be my first time in Cape Town… ever!

Feb. 28th – Mar 2nd 2014 @ CAPE TOWN CITY HALL
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Why Hygiene isn’t a Dirty Word

There are different hygiene standards for tattoo studios the world over, and while they might be stricter in other parts of the world; that doesn’t mean that we need to dismiss the efforts of reputable studios.  There is often so little known about the tattoo industry, that people are easily having the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to hygiene; and often I see unsavory scratchers bullying the unsuspecting public with bad ass attitudes and ego trips.

While that might be part of the experience for some, it definitely doesn’t sit right with me.

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Proper Care of Your New Tattoo

I had the pleasure of being tattooed by an amazing artist on the weekend, who managed to pull off a black and gray portrait of Betty Broadbent flawlessly. I am so proud of my new tattoo that I’m unashamed and showing it to anyone who will look, even though the healing process has started and it’s looking a little scabby.

The strangely common comment that I am receiving though is how well the tattoo is healing and that its rare for a portrait to heal that well. The artist is doing a great job at healing my tattoo. Yes, you read that correctly; the artists who isn’t following me around is healing my tattoo well.  Now don’t get me wrong, if Matt hadn’t done the amazing job that he did and wasn’t a professional, I am sure that it could go either way; but healing your tattoo falls on you.  Continue reading

How Google is Killing Creativity

I adore Google, I really do.  You can ask anyone who knows me personally and they’ll tell you that I am pretty darn good at Googling as well. When I am lost in a Google search, you can be sure that there is the word tattoo involved somewhere and you can be sure that I’ve checked the images bar as well.  Force of habit, but I am very curious about who is posting what for the Internet world to see.

What I have noticed though is how often Google has become the Go-To source of reference for tattoos and how often people are hell-bent on having that exact tattoo. I’m going to tell you why that isn’t a good thing.

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Jean Baptiste Cabri – The Forgotten Tattooed Man

What do you do when you’ve run out on your Country and it’s National Service? Move to a tropical island and marry a beautiful local? Get tattooed by the locals until you’re left with an elaborate display of art work adorning your body? Sounds like a great book though doesn’t it? This is the (albeit condensed) life story of one forgotten Tattooed Frenchman living with the Polynesian settlers of the Marquesas Islands.

French deserter, Jean Baptiste Cabri was living in the Marquesas Island with his native wife and his extensive tattoo collection for some years before he was discovered in 1804.  Discovered by a Russian explorer, George H. von Langsdorff, Jean was convinced to make the long journey back to Europe with him to start an exciting new career!

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The First Post of 2014!

I am still living in a bit of holiday mode, but who can blame me really when I had most of December off from work at being able to sleep in every single day?  That isn’t stopping me from blogging though, I know that if I put the first post of 2014 off any longer, we’ll be pushing February and there will still be no post in sight.  While staring at the cursor blinking for a while, I decided that the only way to get the ball rolling was to get my fingers moving! 

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